Founded in 2020, the Emergency Medicine Business Coalition (EMBC), pronounced “Embassy”, delivers modern business solutions to its membership of independent democratic emergency medicine practice groups. Providing an amplified voice, shared best practices, and economies of scale, EMBC ensures the strength, success, and viability of physician-led emergency medicine practice groups in the marketplace

who we are

  • We believe in the importance of physician ownership in emergency medicine practice groups for the benefit of the emergency medicine providers and the communities they serve. We believe physicians should have a voice in decision-making and a stake in financial success within their practice groups.
  • EMBC was founded in the spirit of collaboration and a collective future to enhance the business of emergency medicine practice groups.
  • Founded in 2020 by a collaborative of physician groups, EMBC delivers modern and cost-effective business solutions by taking advantage of shared best practices, new technologies, and collective size.

why join

  • Take advantages of economies of scale in services offered, like CME, coding/billing, and professional liability insurance.
  • Maximize value to the emergency physicians in the group and the patients they treat.
  • EMBC provides an amplified voice, access to best practices, and economies of scale, EMBC ensures the viability of physician practice groups in the marketplace.
  • Believing in the value of physician ownership, EMBC works to enhance member groups and the delivery of emergency medicine that benefits the medical professionals who deliver it and the patients who receive it.

as a member, your em group receives:

  • Information sharing and best practices
  • Direct access to other emergency medicine member groups
  • Leadership opportunities and input in coalition decisions and activities
  • Cost-savings through exclusive collective purchasing programs

Prospective EMBC Members must adhere to EMBC’s membership criteria.